Roomset Photography by Liquid Image

The inspiration for this instalment of images where based on Scandinavia to accompaniment nordic inspired furniture.

Working closely with our clients to take the imagery in the direction of Scandinavia styled house, we created three beautiful rooms. by sharing ideas between us and creating mood boards for the project; the results and imagery speak for themselves.


A project commissioned by one of our clients to emphasise the technical aspects of their products.

Two boots, designed to be tough and breathable in hot weather and durable and water proof in wet conditions. For both images we constructed the rugged sets in the studio for photography to allow maximum control on conditions and lighting giving the final pictures impact and atmosphere.

Hot & Cold.jpg

Product Catalogue. by Liquid Image

2018 I 2019 Power and Lighting Solutions Catalogue Complete. Here’s a small section of images we covered, from standard products shots to meticulous ‘Inside Insight’ creative shots, to creating believable environmental sets… all photographed and created in-house at the Liquid Image studios.

To help promote your product to the highest level, why not consider using Liquid Image; we specialise in imagery for advertising photography that sells products and brands.

Product Photography - Art of Football Merchandise. by Liquid Image

Adding to our clients creative portfolio, here’s a section of images showing a different dimension to product photography. Just by adding a little creativity to your shoots with some selective propping and the use of backgrounds, makes all the difference from your competitors making your products stand out. 

Rise and Recline Furniture by Liquid Image

We've built a strong reputation within the furniture industry with all the imagery we have created. This selection of images adds to our portfolio of creating lifestyle imagery which sells products and brands.  From all aspects of the project, we have worked alongside our clients, from planning the design, set building, styling and the photography... the results speak for themselves. 

Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives. 

Studio Photography - The Light Dome by Liquid Image

We recently welcomed the team from Esper Design into the studios; creators of light stage and multi-camera power and control technology for the VFX, gaming and photography industries. We were commissioned for new imagery for showcasing there new website and extensive collection of products.

Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives.

Location Photography - Van Vault by Liquid Image

Another great project to be involved with. The Van Vault is the frontline defence for tradesmen to defeat the rising tide of tool theft. These are the latest additions to comprehensive range of products made for industrial, commercial and domestic secure storage solutions.

The brief for the photography was to produce a series of images to demonstrate toughness and security within a construction site environment.


Fashion Photography by Liquid Image

This instalment of images where to promote a new and upcoming fashion label Sikka. An African inspired fashion house, with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of custom-sourced African fabrics.

For us to regularly achieve imagery that sell products and brands, it simply involves the careful consideration of variables that can affect any shoot. Liquid Image where responsible for location spotting from sourcing the most ideal places for the photography to take place, to arranging a suitable base for the make up artist and for the models to change.

Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives.

Children’s Bedroom Sets by Liquid Image

This collection of children’s beds are new additions to our client’s ever expanding portfolio.

The brief was to create three different roomsets, keeping the sets simple and trying to keep the imagery all about the features of the beds. Designed, set built, photographed and styled in-house.

Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives.