Studio Photography - The Light Dome by Liquid Image

We recently welcomed the team from Esper Design into the studios; creators of light stage and multi-camera power and control technology for the VFX, gaming and photography industries. We were commissioned for new imagery for showcasing there new website and extensive collection of products.

Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives.

The Corkscrew by Rob Higgs by Liquid Image

We recently had the pleasure of of photographing this huge fabulous contraption and fantastic work of art by sculpture Rob Higgs. The imagery will be used for the front cover of the New York Hammacher Schlemmer; the publication for unique gifts, gadgets, and electronics.

The mechanical sculpture “The Corkscrew” was launched by ONEOFONEHUNDRED LIMITED in Monaco and formally unveiled by Prince Albert of Monaco. “The Corkscrew", created from over 250 found objects from scrapyards and farmsteads has been cast in bronze and re-assembled to create this priceless objet trouvés. The sheer energy and elegant proportions of “The Corkscrew” - designed to pull a cork from a bottle and pour the wine - are impressive from the outset and the creation is reminiscent of a Heath Robinson design, only this mechanical sculpture is not only beautiful, but actually works.