Location Photography

Location Photography - Van Vault by Liquid Image

Another great project to be involved with. The Van Vault is the frontline defence for tradesmen to defeat the rising tide of tool theft. These are the latest additions to comprehensive range of products made for industrial, commercial and domestic secure storage solutions.

The brief for the photography was to produce a series of images to demonstrate toughness and security within a construction site environment.


Creative Portraits by Liquid Image

An imaginative vision from our client’s to express creativeness throughout their work and brand. Shooting on location, due to the nature of the project, and after some careful consideration to the preparation of the logistics, the shoot was every bit as enjoyable as it looks. 

Specialised in creating high impact images to sells products and brands.



Location Photography - Brand Identity by Matt oliver

A company's brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. Recently we where asked to photograph the following selection of images to reflect the companies value. As an established family run business; our client's main objectives where to appeal to its customers and to attract a larger audience by showcasing the company growth and identify.








The Corkscrew by Rob Higgs by Liquid Image

We recently had the pleasure of of photographing this huge fabulous contraption and fantastic work of art by sculpture Rob Higgs. The imagery will be used for the front cover of the New York Hammacher Schlemmer; the publication for unique gifts, gadgets, and electronics.

The mechanical sculpture “The Corkscrew” was launched by ONEOFONEHUNDRED LIMITED in Monaco and formally unveiled by Prince Albert of Monaco. “The Corkscrew", created from over 250 found objects from scrapyards and farmsteads has been cast in bronze and re-assembled to create this priceless objet trouvés. The sheer energy and elegant proportions of “The Corkscrew” - designed to pull a cork from a bottle and pour the wine - are impressive from the outset and the creation is reminiscent of a Heath Robinson design, only this mechanical sculpture is not only beautiful, but actually works.

Brand Identity... One Step Ahead by Liquid Image

Having contributed to the success of our clients reputation within the workwear industry, Liquid Image have helped produce the goods by delivering fantastic new imagery promote the latest range of products. 

Having recognised our client's original style was being replicated by their competitors within the industry, our aim was to move the direction of the photography to a new level by keeping the brand one step ahead.

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New Product Launch by Liquid Image

As part of an exciting product development plan, in 2014 Liquid Image where commissioned for the photography of a new product launch for a prestigious wall paper company with a proud heritage stretching back more than 100 years. Until recently, the nature of the project has been highly secretive and we have not been able to showcase these wonderful images until now.

The project took place at the manor house of Purley Hall of La Hyde, Pangbourne. The perfect location which embellishes period charm for such a luxurious product.

To help promote your product to the highest level, why not consider using Liquid Image; we specialise in imagery for advertising photography that sells products and brands.