Cinematic Photography

Cinemagraph Photography by Liquid Image

Liquid Image are introducing 'Cinemagraph Photography' to their repertoire and taking imagery to the next level! 

With today's internet speeds increasing, showcasing products to consumers is going to get a whole lot more exciting...  Below is an insight to how Liquid Image can increase the power of your imagery by adding atmospherical movements which really brings your products to life.

Specialised in creating high impact images to sells products and brands.


Environmental Portrait by Liquid Image

Arthur, the caretaker, has looked after the Sheet Stores industrial estate for well over 40 years and has seen many industries come and go. We’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for the last 12 or so years while he has maintained our building. Never short of a tale about sheet stores it's always fascinating hearing the history of where we work.

The origins of the estate go back to 1840 when the Midland Counties Railway had just opened its first route from Nottingham to Derby.

The image was created using photography and motion capture.