Cool Photography by Liquid Image

Pun intended; recently commissioned to produce dramatic and informative imagery to complement our clients comprehensive range that employ the very latest technology and premium designs.

Photographed and propped in-house within our studios,  these high-end refrigeration units showcase the large storage capacities, cool interior elements with superior build quality and making the hardwearing finishes look great.

Great photography sells a thousand products.

New Website by Liquid Image

To continue the support of our clients portfolio, we were delighted to be commissioned for the photography of their new website.

Working alongside digital agency Cite, the brief for the website needed to be visually appealing while providing consumers with information about the products and brands. 

To accomplish this, the website’s design uses large imagery, which complements the intuitive navigation and prominent sign-posting that guides visitors through the content.

Here’s a small section of our favourite images from the project.

Say Fromage by Liquid Image

The only time we say cheese, is when we have rounds in the fridge awaiting it’s call to the set… 

Thrilled to be apart of an innovative idea to promote and celebrate new special occasional cheese cakes. Working closely with our client's, there where five individual themes to create. This included sourcing all of the backgrounds and props, from tablecloths to wallpaper, wooden crates to rose petals, plus the vintage crockery, all to accompaniment each theme.

A pleasure as always, especially after the shoot’s finished... mmmm.

Styled and propped in-house. To help promote your product to the highest level, why not consider using Liquid Image; we specialise in imagery for advertising photography that sells products and brands.