New Product Launch by Liquid Image

As part of an exciting product development plan, in 2014 Liquid Image where commissioned for the photography of a new product launch for a prestigious wall paper company with a proud heritage stretching back more than 100 years. Until recently, the nature of the project has been highly secretive and we have not been able to showcase these wonderful images until now.

The project took place at the manor house of Purley Hall of La Hyde, Pangbourne. The perfect location which embellishes period charm for such a luxurious product.

To help promote your product to the highest level, why not consider using Liquid Image; we specialise in imagery for advertising photography that sells products and brands.

Image Manipulation by Liquid Image

13th Nov 2014

Who said the the camera doesn't lie... lied.

In this example, our client wanted to update an previous image to give the set a much softer appeal, without the expense of new roomset. The project involved enhancing the decor, retouching the floor and walls and rebuilding of the furniture under the window, we also added a couple of missing legs which were missing from the original image.

e-commerce Photography by Liquid Image

Using our 3500sq ft studio we can accommodate large volume of product at any size. Creating this modern minimalistic setting we were able to shoot efficiently and creatively, keeping the clients cost to a minimum.  

This project was for a e-commerce website so a variety of images were taken to help show the furniture from every aspect. Having high quality photography is essential to give your customers a real feel of your product when purchasing online.

Industrial Furniture by Liquid Image

Check out these industrial reclaimed dining tables with a modern twist, photographed using natural light within our studios. Using the rustic wooden backdrop and a combination of wide millboards, the setting has worked perfectly in creating an affective industrial look.

Made in Britain, photographed and styled in Nottingham.

Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives.

Roomset Photography by Liquid Image

From small modular sets to large bespoke roomsets, all clients have individual requirements. Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives. In-house we plan, design and schedule the production of your requirements and bring together your vision from start to finish.

Living rooms, Bedrooms, Dining rooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens.

Below are a series of photographs commissioned to update our client portfolio.