Soft Furnishings

Roomset Photography by Liquid Image

The inspiration for this instalment of images where based on Scandinavia to accompaniment nordic inspired furniture.

Working closely with our clients to take the imagery in the direction of Scandinavia styled house, we created three beautiful rooms. by sharing ideas between us and creating mood boards for the project; the results and imagery speak for themselves.

Lifestyle Photography - High Quality Recliner Furniture. by Liquid Image

For a new business initiative; we where asked if we could create a cost effective solution to create individual tailored roomsets. In-house, using a combination of high quality photography and a 3D modelling software, we created this selection of styles for showcasing our clients high quality recliner furniture in different environments. 

Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives.



Soft Furnishings by Liquid Image

This lifestyle project involved matching the lighting of the room for the purpose of digitally manipulating the sofa into an existing stock image. Our attention to detail shows the ambient light and shadows have been matched perfectly, whilst composition remains consistent throughout.

Creating imagery for high-end advertising campaigns.

e-commerce Photography by Liquid Image

Using our 3500sq ft studio we can accommodate large volume of product at any size. Creating this modern minimalistic setting we were able to shoot efficiently and creatively, keeping the clients cost to a minimum.  

This project was for a e-commerce website so a variety of images were taken to help show the furniture from every aspect. Having high quality photography is essential to give your customers a real feel of your product when purchasing online.

Location Photography by Liquid Image

Another interesting project to be involved with. The brief for the photography was to produce a series of images to to show the handmade quality product our client produces. The photographs were taken throughout the factory at each stage of the process, which was a real insight into how the furniture is made. The final images worked well in black and white and really added the right feel for the photographs.

Roomset Photography by Liquid Image

Other than photographing your products on a white background, you may require to show your products off within roomset setting. 

With the use of our modular roomset system, creating a small sets doesn't have to be expensive. Smaller projects are easily managed by our team and available for you at short notice so don't hesitate to call us if you need a quick and simple room set image.